Company Profile
Company Profile
Company profile:
  Current status of the company
  The company was established in 1973 and is currently the largest specialty paper company in Taiwan.  The mill occupies an area of 27,000 pings and employs 380 persons. There are a total of 7 paper machines and detachable label machine, as well as ca. 30 units of fruit protection bag conversion machines as the main production facilities. The annual production is about 50,000 metric tones.
  Persistent innovation
  Over the years, the company has instilled a spirit of ever advancing and innovating, and to introduce new facilities, which is the largest and most professional research unit in the pulp and paper industry of Taiwan. Worthwhile technologies and raw materials shall be engaged from abroad as well. The company also aims to cooperate with the pertinent governmental organizations and universities to undertake industry-academia projects that direct toward developing new products and enhancing quality and efficiency.
  Global competitiveness
  Currently, our company is the largest specialty paper producer and seller in Taiwan and carries in our line the most items of such products. Our products cover the gamut of papers from food, clothing, residential, transportation, recreational and educational need aspects. Barrier and protective papers for high-tech instruments and facilities as well as medicinal and sanitary paper products are also included. All our staff keeps in mind our motto of “creativity”, “discipline”, and “capability to act” and strive synergistically to provide superior quality products and services. With our product sales in both domestic and international marketplaces, the company is highly competitive globally.

Environmental protection and public welfare

  Environmental protection and public welfare are basic responsibility of enterprises. In addition to complying with the pertinent regulations and laws, we are also striving constantly to improve our environmental protection performance through issues such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and cleaner production. The company also sponsors and feeds back to community activities all year round. Our products accompany consumers every day, and help to constantly enhance the quality of live. In a spirit of sustainable management, we aim to do the best we can for this land we all live on.