specialty paper production- Union Paper Corporation



The company was established in 1973.
Vision:Special paper service company most trusted by customers
Mission:Provide high-quality green paper products to improve the quality of life.


Global competitiveness

At present, the company is the largest and most special paper production and marketing company in Taiwan. Its product categories cover modern household paper such as food, clothing, living, and entertainment, high-tech equipment, protective paper, and medical and health paper.

Persistent innovation

Over the years, we have been adhering to the spirit of excellence and continuous innovation, constantly developing new products, improving quality and efficiency.

Environmental, safety and sanitary policies

(一) Cleaner production.
(二) Energy conservation and waste reduction.
(三) Stress safety and sanitary operation.
(四) Full staff participation.
(五) Persistent improvement.
(六) Sustainable management.

Quality policies

(一) Do things using the moral principles of being a decent people.
(二) Do things right the first time. Strive for perfection of everything.
(三) The pursue of excellence in quality is the life-long moral quest of our staff.

Environmental protection and public welfare

Environmental protection and public welfare are basic responsibility of enterprises.In addition to saving energy and reducing waste, it also continuously sponsors and gives back to local communities.


ISO9001、IOS14001、ISO45001、ISO50001、FSC Certification